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Artisan Skills School

Delighted to be asked by Andrew Moloney to bring this project to fruition; Andrew had done all of the hard work in creating the ideas, developing the fabulous system and finding the tutors and my role was to help switch it all on.

I worked with the web developers to finalise the site, brought the tutors together to provide their information and made sure it was all on track for launch.

It was also great to work with Makepeace Marketing on raising its online and offline profile, developing the press story, the promotional plan and of course, its social media activity.

Have a look at the Artisan Skills School, book on one of their courses, like them on facebook or follow them on - all very tasty options.

Read more of Andrew’s blog about the skills school here

Andrew Moloney - Project Director Artisan SouthWest Skills School and Artisan South West:

“Maureen's done a great job for me helping me get the Artisan Southwest Skills School launched! Her knowledge, skill and enthusiasm have been invaluable!”

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The Artisan Southwest Skills School is a Cookery School like no other. We love the art and alchemy in skills like baking, curing, in preserving, and smoking, in cheese and chocolate making, in wine, cider and beer making the list goes on.

The Artisan Southwest Skills Cookery School website.