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Stena Line

Jamie Christon, Route Director for Stena Line, engaged me to prepare a report which would provide him with background on the tourism landscape in Wales, the opportunities for joint marketing both on territory and down-route, best practice examples from elsewhere, key contacts to develop and recommendations for next steps.

This report formed the basis of a discussion session with Jamie and his marketing team, and enabled them to develop the next steps of their joint marketing and destination relationship development.

Jamie Christon - Route Director for Stena Line:

“Maureen prepared a detailed report which helped us understand the tourism landscape in Wales, set out the priorities and recommendations for action and the themes to focus on. Importantly, she made best use of her tourism contacts, which meant that we could speak directly to the right people about plans and opportunities.

As always, it was great to work with Maureen, she has a professional attitude, an engaging approach and understands how the tourism world ‘operates’. I would recommend Maureen’s work and would engage the services of McAllister and Co in the future."

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Stena Line, one of the world's leading ferry companies, operating ferry travel service to Ireland, Britain and Holland.

McAllister and Co worked with the UK HQ in Anglesey and focused on the Ireland routes.

McAllister and Co worked with the UK HQ in Anglessey